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BØrge Mogensen #Bm61/BM62 Fredericia Mahogany Dining/Arm Chairs (5+3)

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BÝrge Mogensen #BM61/BM62 Fredericia Mahogany Chairs

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Børge Mogensen

Fredericia A/S



Mahogany, cane


QUANTITY: 8 (5 arm +3 side)

ITEM #: C140

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An awesome set of mahogany dining/arm chairs designed by Børge Mogensen for Fredericia. Originally designed for P. Lauritsen & Søn, Fredericia also produced this chair. In this design we see Mogensen's brilliiant ability to simplify furniture down to the most basic form and materials. The are linear in design allowing for simple construction methods using only wood and cane. The sled legs allow for strength from front to rear, and along with the exposed joinery add visual interest. The cane also adds a nice contrast to the darker colour of the mahogany. Difficult to find in large set, they would be a great addition to any modern environment.

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