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New shipment is being loaded!
Our new shipment from Denmark is being loaded. Below is a list of the new pieces that will be arriving. If any of the pieces below are of interest to you, please email us for details.

· Rosengren Hansen Brande Rosewood Chairs (8)
· Erik Buck OD49 Rosewood Chairs (6)
· Danish Modern Rosewood Chairs (12)
· Kindt-Larsen Gustav Bertelsen Teak Arm Chair
· Børge Mogensen Aserbo Pine Chairs (6)
· Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen & Toren Lind Chairs (2)
· Mogens Koch Folding Chair
· Børge Mogensen #230 Fredericia Oak Chairs (5)
· Kai Kristiansen Fritz Hansen Teak Chairs (6)
· Carl-Axel Acking Tokyo Chairs (2)
· Larsen/Bender-Madsen Willy Beck Teak Armchair
· Ole Wanscher Illum Bolighus Rosewood Chairs (6)

Easy Chairs
· Illum Wikkelsø #493 Rosewood Easy Chairs (2)
· Ole Wanscher A.J. Iversen Mahogany Easy Chair
· Børge Christian Christoffersen Mahogany Chair
· Larsen/Bender-Madsen Willy Beck Teak Chairs (2)
· Arne Vodder #161 France & Søn Easy Chair
· Danish Modern Wool Easy Chair & Ottoman

· Illum Wikkelsø #493 Rosewood Sofa
· Hans Wegner GE236/4 Getama Teak Sofa
· Hans Wegner AP31 AP Stolen Oak Sofa
· Børge Mogensen #201 Fredericia Oak Sofa
· Hans Wegner Rare Johannes Hansen Oak Sofa

Dining Tables
· Johannes Andersen Hans Bech Rosewood Table
· Kofod-Larsen Rosewood Dining Table
· Børge Mogensen Aserbo Pine Dining Table
· Hans Wegner PP Møbler Ash Round Dining Table
· Børge Mogensen BM71 "Library" Oak Dining Table
· Børge Mogensen BM60 Oak/Teak Dining Table
· Børge Mogensen #250 Oak/Teak Dining Table
· Jacob Kjaer Teak Flip Top Dining Table
· Danish Teak & Oak Rectangular Dining Table

Coffee Tables
· Børge Mogensen Tage Christiansen Teak Table
· Hans Wegner AT15 Andreas Tuck Oak Table

· Erik Wørts Kjellerup Wenge/Oak Sideboard
· Kurt Østervig Vamo Oak Sideboard
· Hans Wegner RY20 Teak Sideboard (variant)
· Børge Mogensen CM Madsen Teak Sideboard
· Kofod-Larsen Teak Drawer Cabinet

· Hans Wegner Kontor Johannes Hansen Oak Desk
· Søren Horn Mahogany Desk
· Hans Wegner PP Møbler Ash/Laminate Work Table
· Frits Henningsen Mahogany Stool
· Larsen/Bender-Madsen Pontoppidan Teak Stool
· Hans Wegner Getama Oak Shelves

Below is a list of our current inventory that is not pictured on our website. If anything on the list interests you, please contact us for more details or signup for email updates to find out when our website is updated with new stock.

Current Inventory Not Pictured


· Børge Mogensen #3251 Oak Dining Chairs (4)
· Børge Mogensen #3245 Oak Chairs (2)
· Kindt-Larsen Gustav Bertelsen Rare Armchair
· Arne Karlson Interna Mahogany Folding Chair
· Sune Lindström Nordiska Director's Chairs (2)

Dining Tables

· Børge Mogensen #BM71 Mahogany Library Table
· H.W. Klein Pamir Bramin Rosewood Dining Table
· Gunni Omann #55 Omann Jun Teak Dining Table
· Arne Vodder #212 Rosewood Table w/3leaves - Inquire...
· Kai Kristiansen Skovman Andersen Rosewood Dining Table w/1 leaf - Inquire...
· Johannes Andersen Uldum Rosewood Table

Easy Chairs

· Hans Wegner CH52 Beech Easy Chair
· Ejnar Larsen Prototype Mahogany Easy Chair
· Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen #GK-69 Saw Easy Chair
· Grete Jalk #128 France & Søn Wenge Easy Chair
· Ole Wanscher A.J. Iversen Mahogany Easy Chair
· Hans Wegner Aarhus City Hall Easy Chair

Coffee/Side Tables

· Hans Wegner Johannes Hansen Teak/Oak Coffee Table
· Hans Wegner CH413 Carl Hansen Oak Coffee Table
· Kurt Østervig Jason Rosewood Coffee Table
· Johannes Andersen #206 CFC Silkeborg Teak Coffee Table - Inquire...


· Hans Wegner AP18S AP Stolen Beech Sofa
· Børge Mogensen #2542 Fredericia Oak Sofa
· Henning Jensen Prototype Modular Ash Sofa


· Gladsam Jensen Vantinge Teak Sideboard - Inquire...
· Thorald Madsen Teak Cabinets (2)
· Hans Wegner Johannes Hansen Kontour Oak Bookshelf


· Børge Mogensen School Children Desk & Chair
· Sigvard Bernadotte #MD60 Rosewood Bar/Fridge - Inquire...