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BØrge Mogensen FDB Teak & Beech Drop Leaf Dining Table

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BÝrge Mogensen FDB Teak / Beech Drop Leaf Dining Table

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Børge Mogensen



Ca. 1945

Teak / Beech


ITEM #: DT001
Price: SOLD

51"/92.25" l x 35.5" w
29" h

From 1942 until 1950 Børge Mogensen was the artistic director of FDB (Danish Furniture Cooperative). During this time he designed many iconic pieces of furniture that were intended for everyday use. This table is one of those. The beech and teak from which this table is constructed contrast beautifully and was a technique used by other designers such as Finn Juhl. This table is very versatile. The drop leaves can be dropped allowing space for four to dine comfortably. Remove the drop leaves and six are able to dine. And finally, raise the leaves and you have room for eight. The solid teak leg tips are a beautiful touch and are in excellent condition. The teak top is also in very good condition and it has a wonderful radiant patina. This rarely seen table would make a unique addition to any modern environment.