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BØrge Mogensen BM71 Fredericia Oak "Library" Dining Table

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Børge Mogensen BM71 Fredericia Oak Library Dining Table

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Børge Mogensen






ITEM #: DT071

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48.75" l x 36.5 " w x 28" h
2 leaves: 20.5" ea

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A nice example of Børge Mogensen's classic "Library" table in oak for Fredericia. This versatile table was Mogensen preference for his own home and was used as his own dining table. Constructed almost of entirely solid white oak, it is built to last a lifetime. The table can seat four when the leaves are in the dropped position. Once the leaves are supported by the gatelegs, it can seat eight comfortably and ten in a pinch. We love the construction techniques employed, especially the finger-jointed tabletop frame. The oak in in very nice condition and has some nice greain patterns. Classic Mogensen! This table would make a wonderful addition to any modern dining environment.

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