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Ole Wanscher PJ-112 P. Jeppesen Mahogany Easy Chairs

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Ole Wanscher P. Jeppesen PJ412 Rosewood Armchair

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Ole Wanscher

P. Jeppesen




ITEM #: EC018

Price: SOLD


An awesome set of mahogany easy chairs by Ole Wanscher for P. Jeppesen. Wanscher's designs are deep rooted in classic forms and as a contemporary of Kaare Klint's, he improved upon existing designs and modernized their features. This design, which was also made as an armchair, has classic lines but is stripped of all decoration and unnecessary elements. We love the thin paddle style arms which give this piece it's lightness.This piece exudes style and is very cosmopolitan even fifty years after it's inception. The mahogany has a gorgeous orange tone and is very similar to teak but with a consistent grain pattern. The cusions are made fo Danish wool and the back cushion is attached neatly to the frame with cord loops. We have six of these in stock and they can be purchased as a set or individually.