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Hans Wegner Prototype AP Stolen Beech Lounge Chairs (2)

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Hans Wegner Prototype AP Stolen Beech Lounge Chairs

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Hans Wegner

AP Stolen (Anker Petersen)






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A unique and very rare pair of beech lounge chairs designed by Hans Wegner for AP Stolen. This chair was designed for the Danish Cabinet Maker's Guild Exhibition and was never put into full production. It's safe to say that few examples were ever made. The chair was a precursor to the AP-71 lounge chair that was later designed and put into production. It can be seen in the publication "Hans J. Wegner" by Jens Bernsen for the Danish Design Centre. The chair features a solid beech frame with a flag halyard seat and the original canvas cushions and headrest. The headrest is adjustable and can be moved into three different positions. The unique aspect of this chair is backrest which can be adjusted into 2 different positions like a deck chair. It can also be laid nearly flat for storage or when not in use. We think they would make a great addition to any summer house, cottage or any Wegner collection!