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Hans Wegner GE-673 "Keyhole" Getama Oak Rocking Chair

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Hans Wegner GE-673 Getama Oak Rocking Chair

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Hans Wegner

Getama Gedsted

GE-673 (Keyhole)




ITEM #: EC035


30" w x 34.5" d x 41" h

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An incredible oak rocking chair by Hans Wegner for Getama Gedsted. This charming design is nicknamed the "Keyhole" chair because of the cutout in the front posts which acts as a "knock down" release for the seat supports. This certainly has to be one of Wegner's more unique pieces. It's basic and stripped down design doesn't sacrifice for style or comfort. The construction is impressive and employs massive stained oak planks throughout. The seat and backrest are sewn from heavy canvas and are surprisingly comfortable. True to classic Wegner form, horns on the rear post hold the newly upholstered wool headrest in place. This piece would make a great addition to any Wegner collection or any modern setting.