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Hans Wegner AP16 AP Stolen Oak Easy Chair (1)

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Hans Wegner AP16 AP Stolen Oak Easy Chair

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Hans Wegner

A.P. Stolen (Anker Petersen)






ITEM #: EC037

Price: SOLD

28.5" w x 26" d x 34" h

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A unique AP16 oak easy chair designed by Hans Wegner for A.P. Stolen. This chair was produced in smaller numbers but what makes it unique is the provenance. It has been acquired directly from the home Anker Petersen who was the owner of AP Stolen. The proportions of this chair are wonderful and reminiscent of Wegner's famous Papa Bear chair. The construction, quality and joinery are second to none, as is the case with most of Wegner's designs. The uniquely carved arms are perfectly designed for comfort and are very inviting to the user. Sitting in this chair is simply fantastic! The original Gabriel Savak wool is in very good condition as is the gorgeous golden oak frame which has a nice patina. This is a special piece and would make a great addition to any modern setting or Wegner collection.