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Hans Wegner GE671 Getama Oak Flagline Easy Chairs (2)

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Hans Wegner GE671 Getama Flagline Oak Easy Chairs

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Hans Wegner

Getama Gedsted





ITEM #: EC064


28.25" w x 30" d x 28.25" h

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A pair of oak easy chairs designed by Hans Wegner for Getama. This was one of a few bent plywood designs by Wegner in 1967 of the same series including the Hammock chair. Although Wegner primarily used solid wood for most of his chair designs, his use of bent plywood is unique. Not only is the chair visually appealing, the construction is very interesting. The seat is suspended using flagline tied into the top of the backrest which allows it to hang independently of the frame. The sides of the frame are three sections of bent plywood laminated together at three points and then bolted to stretchers to connect them. The curves of the armrests almost resemble straps as seen on safari chairs. A very unique design indeed and a departure from more traditional Wegner designs.