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BØrge Mogensen #2221 Fredericia Oak Easy Chairs (2)

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BÝrge Mogensen #2221 Fredericia Oak Lounge Chair

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BÝrge Mogensen




Ca. 1960


Quantity: 2

ITEM #: EC068


24.75" w x 21.75" d x 25.5" h

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A pair of Børge Mogensen oak easy chairs designed for Fredericia. This ia s familiar style to a few of Mogensen's other designs such as the dining chair version; #3252, and the leather dining chair version; #3238. It also carries design elements that are seen in other models such as the backrest cutouts for the armrests and the slightly curved rail in the front to allow room for the user's legs. It has a definite "safari chair" style to it but lacks the disassembly feature. The frame is constructed of solid white oak. Wrapped around the oak frame is the canvas seat and backrest, which we've replaced exactly to the original specifications. We love the brass hinges that hold the canvas armrests in place. They have a wonderful patina that has developed over the years. This chair holds many of the ideals Mogensen valued; natural materials, simplicity, and quality of craftsmanship. This rarely seen pair would make a great addition to any Mogensen collection or modern setting.