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BØrge Mogensen #4390 Fredericia Danish Modern Oak Daybed/Sofa

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BÝrge Mogensen #4390 Fredericia Oak Daybed/Sofa

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Børge Mogensen

Fredericia A/S





ITEM #: S049


82.0" w x 39.5" d

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A large oak daybed designed by BÝrge Mogensen for Fredericia A/S. This isn't one of Mogensen's more commonly seen designs but is Mogensen through and through. This piece is perfect for lounging the day away or curling up and watching a movie. The large, deep spring seat cushion is perfect for chilling out on. We envision it with a stack of pillows and a couple of blankets for the perfect evening on the couch. The back cushions also have a spring form inside and can be used on the sides so you can curl up in the corner. Company staying over? Take the back cushions off and It doubles as a single bed in a pinch. The frame is all solid white oak. The fabric is the original plaid Cotil fabric by Danish weaver, Lis Ahlmann. As with most of Mogensen's pieces, it is a simple and functional piece and would be great in any living environment.