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BØrge Mogensen #2214 Fredericia Oak Loveseat Sofa

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BÝrge Mogensen #2214 Fredericia Oak Loveseat Sofa

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Børge Mogensen

Fredericia A/S



Oak, wool


ITEM #: S058

PRICE: Inquire...

59.75"w x 30.5"d x 31.5"h
Seat 17"h

A classic two-seat sofa designed by BÝrge Mogensen for Fredericia A/S. Originally designed in 1946 and produced by Erhard Rasmussen, this elegant sofa is a treat to sit in. Inspired by Mogensen's spoke-back sofa, one could view it as an upholstered version of the iconic piece. It shares similar traits such as six legs and curved backrest and sides. It is very comfortable, and one can sit in a variety of positions. Adding to the comfort are feather-filled cushions loose pillows which can be used in different positions. The legs are solid white oak and look great with the vibrant yellow felted Danish wool. An awesome sofa for any modern environment.