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BØrge Mogensen #233/154 FDB Teak Shelving / Cabinet Unit

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BØrge Mogensen FDB Teak Shelving/Cabinet Unit

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Børge Mogensen






ITEM #: ST042

Price: SOLD

48"w x 17.75 "d x 81.5 "h

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A classic two piece shelving unit by Børge Mogensen for FDB. This was one of the most popular of Mogensen's designs for the Danish Co-operative because of its versatility. The top section is made up of eight adjustable shelves finished in teak. It could be used together with the bottom cabinet or used elsewhere. The entire piece is constructed of solid wood core including the shelves. Opening the doors to the bottom half of the cabinet reveals solid wood adjustable shelves and drawers which can be used in a variety of combinations on either side of the interior. A wonderful detail is the custom brass keys/handles which allow entry to the bottom section. This piece would make an wonderful addition to virtually any modern setting.