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BØrge Mogensen SØborg Rosewood Storage/Shelving Wall Units

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Børge Mogensen Søborg Danish Modern Rosewood Storage/Shelving Wall Units w/Bureau

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Børge Mogensen

Søborg Mobelfabrik

SM-50 System




ITEM #: ST055


DIMENSIONS (each unit):
39.38"w x 12.25 "d x 71.5 "h

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Two rosewood shelving/storage units by Borge Mogensen for Soborg Mobelfabrik. One of the most popular storage solutions manufactured in Denmark, Mogensen's units for Soborg solve virtually any storage requirement. This set includes two units; a bookshelf and a units with a two door cabinet on the bottom. The entire surface is adorned in beautiful Brazilian rosewood. This system was rarely seen in rosewood so this is a special offering. The inside of cabinet is lined in rosewood as well and includes one adjustable shelf and locks for security. Mogensen's hallmark handcrafted handles are a beautiful detail. The pair would be a great addition to either a modern dining room, living room or office. Or alternatively, they can be split up to use wherever need be.